Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hasten Your Home Sale with These Tips

Relocating is never easy and neither is selling your old home to finance the new one. When months pass by without any buyers, consider doing home improvements to make your property more attractive and increase its market value. Where do you begin though?

Thoroughly washing your windows and re-caulking bathroom fixtures will enhance interior home appeal, as well as clearing your sidewalks and lawn to enhance the exterior. Would-be home sellers are also advised to take down non-essential furniture and store them away—in rented storage units, if needed—to present the image of larger rooms.

Aside from helping woo would-be buyers, what else do you stand to gain from sprucing up your old house inside and out? For one, replacing worn roofs and windows with newer energy-efficient ones could increase your home's resale value; it also translates to lower bills for the new owners. Meanwhile, trimming the lawn of overgrown shrubbery will leave your old property safer and more aesthetically pleasing for would-be buyers.

In the end, beautifying your home prior to resale isn't just about boosting appeal or sweetening a deal; it can also be about leaving things a little better before you start a new chapter in your life. Keep this in mind as you consult an established Calgary housing company who can help you find prospective buyers.

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