Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Brief Look on Commercial Real Estate in Calgary

Of all the provinces in Canada, Alberta seems to be highly-prized by most real estate investors, either domestic or foreign. One of its cities, Calgary, is even expected by some real estate experts to have an increase in sales for commercial real estate in 2014;
from 3.3 percent last year to 3.4 percent.

Values for commercial real estate in Calgary remain strong as the urban economy maintains its steady advance over the last ten years. Investors continue to establish head offices in the city given its diverse workforce that prizes risk-taking and enterprise. 
Calgary commercial real estate listings for various industries also continue to be sought even as property values increase.

For as long as the city sustains its highly integrated transportation and communications systems, Calgary will remain inviting to investors, as well as most Canadians seeking employment and social opportunities.

The boom in commercial real estate and high business start-up rate, however, should give city officials a pause. The tax gap between Calgary proper and the Calgary region can get too wide, and if not reasonably supported, businesses just might take off for more feasible places. Public officials can stand to improve in this area, fairly responding to issues around equitable property and business taxes.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Home Inspection: Confirm and Compare

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there's no telling them whether those words are good or bad. You should never believe in anything you see until you've seen it firsthand.

It's for this reason that home inspection remains a crucial stage in the real estate process, not just in Alberta where homes sell like flapjacks. The inspection team often consists of at least two people: the buyer and a home inspector. Why is it often done this way? The buyer may fall in love with the couch, but the inspector may see bedbugs lying in wait.

In other words, the home inspector looks where the buyer rarely goes: wall cavities, plumbing, roofing systems, and the like. The intelligent buyer makes sure the house lives up to its description posted on the online listing. Nobody can perform this job better than a home inspector with years of experience under his belt.

You also have to remember that most pictures on real estate listings are taken with a digital camera. With some Photoshop skills, any picture of a living room can appear attractive enough for buyers to consider the real estate. Hold any plans of buying until your eyes confirm that the picture speaks the truth.

Why Homebuyers Should Hire Real Estate Agents

Buying a house isn’t as simple as purchasing goods in a grocery; there’s an entire process to acquiring property. For the uninitiated, buyers and sellers need to negotiate over the deal in terms of pricing, not to mention the tedious process of securing the home loans to purchase the property. It can be easy for first-time buyers to get lost in the middle of such a convoluted process.

Fortunately, real estate agents can be hired in order to better understand how property purchasing works. These knowledgeable industry experts can explain all the confusing parts to buyers new to the market, which should help consumers make informed decisions. Aside from serving as a guide, real estate agents offer other services as well.

Agents are constantly updating themselves with information regarding neighborhoods, so they’re the best people to ask if you’re looking for a specific house to buy. More importantly, agents are there to help close deals between buyers and sellers by acting as an intermediary. They can also handle the paperwork that comes with purchasing a home, so that buyers need not trouble themselves with filling up the documents. Simply put, real estate agents will help their clients through the entire buying process, which is incredibly convenient.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

On Calgary Home Prices and Income Bracket

One of the most important matters that many home buyers struggle with is maintaining a monthly payment that doesn’t take a huge chunk out of their income. In booming cities like Calgary, the line between home price and income rate are getting wider and wider as home sales improve as the months pass, resulting in many people looking to resell their property to keep up with expenses.

While figures for median-priced houses for sale in Calgary are trending up, real estate pundits are wary about a widening gap in housing prices and income, which will eventually make it harder for working professionals to own homes. Experts opine that should this trend keep up, people might have to opt for rental instead.

Affordable Calgary homes may have dipped somewhat but overall in Alberta, the province's affordability position hasn't turned people away. For first-time home buyers in Calgary, however, saving for a down payment can increasingly become a difficult barrier. No matter the obstacle though, people with big aspirations will naturally just keep looking for the home of their dreams.

Lending institutions subscribe to two simple affordability rules: First, your housing costs shouldn't go beyond 32% of your gross monthly income. It's called the GDS (gross debt service) ratio. Second, your debt load shouldn't be more than 40% of your gross monthly income. This covers housing costs, car loans, credit card bills, among others, and this is your TDS (total debt service) ratio.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Why a Town Home in Calgary Is a Good Idea

According to recent research by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary is among the list of five best cities in the world to live in, defeated only by Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver, and Toronto. This is why, if you have any plans of relocating soon and are seeking better job opportunities, Calgary is one of the options you can consider. After you've made your decision, the next thing to work out is to look into Calgary real estate properties and choose your place of residence; would you prefer to live in a town home or a condominium?

Town home living offers advantages that you won't experience in condominium living. For one, living in a town house will give you access to a small yard. Having one of those is definitely something you would welcome if you love to indulge in a little gardening, and the yard is of manageable size that makes it easy for you to do your own maintenance work and upkeep.

Another benefit of town home living is amenities like pools, fitness centers, sports facilities, entertainment areas, party areas, and more. While some condominiums do offer some of these amenities, the fact that only a few people are allowed to occupy an area of town houses means that you will have much easier access to these facilities and won't have to compete with a lot of other residents. Of course, to enjoy such amenities, the town house owner will charge you with homeowner association fees.

Making the Play for New Agricultural Land

Farming is one of Canada’s main economic assets. The wilds of the Canadian Shield and even the Prairies already host fertile tracts of land. If you are looking to invest in the Great White North’s agriculture and farming industry, you will be in luck considering government efforts to lower operating costs. How do you make the first move, even with a business plan in place?
You can start by approaching a reputable real-estate agent who knows the market well and is versed in farming and property laws. They can set you up with a number of viable farm property listings around your chosen area. All that remains is to research on all listings and weed out the one property that fits the thrust of your business. The research can uncover some factors that will affect the business’ long-term goals. For instance, you and your realtor must discover that there are no pending disputes with the property or any development plans already eyed for it, such as a road cutting through the area.
Your Realtor may help you hire a surveyor to analyze the area and further determine its viability. Have the property appraised and negotiate with the seller at the same time, then secure financing from institutions skilled at land purchases.

Investing in a new farm can be a way to a quieter life. Learning which properties are right for you is a step in the right direction.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Moving Somewhere? Choose Calgary

So you’re thinking about moving to a city with your family, buying a house, and starting with a clean slate while considering the future for yourself and your children. It is understandable that you will want to weigh your options carefully. Why not try Calgary?
The largest city in Alberta has much to offer families who are looking to start anew. Here are a few reasons why Calgary should be considered as one of your prime locations to move into:
A thriving economy
Calgary is a very lucrative city when it comes to jobs: the city has an unemployment rate of 4.6%, lower than the national average of Canada. The oil boom in Alberta has produced more than 40,000 jobs in Calgary since 2011. Other industries in the city also offer fair terms, which makes the city a very attractive option.
Calgary is a surprisingly clean city despite the fact that its oil industry has been on the roll lately. There isn't much litter in the city, and it has been rated by both Forbes and the Economist as one of the cleanest cities to live in the world.
The Rockies
Calgary is close to the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Nature junkies and families can have a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful sights that nature has created.

These are only some of the benefits you will get when you move to Calgary. What's not to like for a bright future?

Multiple Listing Services – What You Need to Know

If you want to sell your home, you might want to put it up through a reliable MLS or multiple listing service. Having your home for sale up in an MLS allows real estate professionals to see what you offer. This is a great springboard for you to be able to find your prospective buyers.


Basically, MLS is a collective database that can be accessed by real estate brokers who have shared listing agreements with one another. This way, you aren’t just relying on the skills and resources of one broker to find buyers for your home, but of an entire team. These brokers earn by commission, depending on the sale of properties they sold or helped sell.


While some properties bought and sold through MLS are listed by a broker who is representing the seller, some listed properties can be unrepresented; these are called “for sale by owner” or FSBO. The sellers of these properties circumvent the usual MLS restrictions by paying a flat fee to a broker for having the house listed without representation.


The main benefits of MLS are essentially the same for both the seller and the buyer: access. The seller gets to place his home more efficiently in the market, with multiple brokers serving as channels to prospective buyers. The buyers on the other hand, can see a comprehensive list of homes with helpful data and photos to help them make their choice.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Calgary’s Housing Market Greets 2014 with a Bang

Real estate values and rates are often considered as one of the main contributing factors that determine a community’s economy and in turn, its potential for excellent home purchases that won’t go anywhere near bleeding the prospective homeowner dry of his funds. In this case, there’s little doubt that Calgary, Alberta is definitely one of the “it” places to buy a property this year, finance-wise.

A population surge, notably the in-migration of Ontarians due to the influx of available jobs in Calgary, is driving the city's economy and animating its housing market activity. Reports on Calgary’s real estate market reflects a spike in both sales and home prices—a huge jump compared to last year. Home prices have beefed up because of tight inventory and a close-to-zero vacancy in the rental market.

However, while the prices yield a strong showing in favor of Calgary's housing market, industry trends suggest that if new listings continue to surge relative to sales activity (with demand overwhelming supply), prices will soon to level off after a time. In any case, it won't hurt to “strike while the iron is hot”, as they say. Deal your property aces by getting in the forefront of news and activities through reliable resource channels today.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Keeping a Close Watch on Real Estate News

Homes are expensive investments, so it is only natural that you'd want to find the most suitable home, if not the perfect one. However, there are tons of properties in the market that are just waiting to be bought, so picking out one that you like could be more difficult than it seems. To help you with your decision, you need to consider a couple of key factors.

If you're thinking of starting new and relocating in a different city or province, you can check out online resources for good places to live in Canada. For example, Alberta has been making headlines this year as a number of cities inside the province including Calgary, St. Albert, and Strathcona have been listed among the best cities in the country by

You should also regularly check real estate news resources to find out current trends in home buying as well as changes in the market that could affect your purchasing power. Prices are always going up and down, and knowing the perfect time to buy may be difficult. However, if you update yourself on what is happening in the real estate sector, then you'll have an idea on how you'll go about your home buying.

Getting the right information is critical if you want to find the most suitable home for your family. If you research enough, you'll be able to make good comparisons between your choices and come up with one that you can truly call your own home.

Finding Stability in a Volatile Market with Alberta Real Estate News

More people renting are also considering moving out of monthly rent payments to monthly mortgages as the prices are now almost comparable. There are a lot going on in the market, and if you're planning to buy a home or invest on a property, you'll need to find Alberta real estate news sources like CREB®Now to keep you updated. With a reliable collection of information, you'll soon find a bit of stability despite the volatility of the real estate industry.

Realty Speak: On Agents, Brokers and Realtors

Real estate involves a wide web of people that you can contact, including agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, and home inspectors, to name a few. If you want to make sure that your transaction goes well, you should at least learn the basics about the people that make up the points in this web. Here are some information on three of the people home buyers and sellers often confuse:

The Agent

A real estate agent is one who is licensed by your province to sell houses. Hence, they are the ones who walk you through a list of potential houses if you're buying, or help you get the word out about your house if you're selling. An agent, however, must be employed by a broker before they can operate, as evidenced by the fact that the home listing should be in the broker’s name.

The Broker

Real estate brokers have a lot more education or training compared to agents, thus qualifying them to set up a firm of their own. Brokers also have more rights, such as the right to do appraisals and manage their own team of real estate professionals.


A realtor on the other hand, is different from the other two in that he has to be a member of the National Association of REALTORS® to qualify as one. This means that he will have to adhere to a set of rules and guidelines expected of a realtor through the association's code of ethics.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Looking for Calgary Housing Company REALTORS®? Questions You Can Ask

Buying a house from a reputable Calgary housing company is one of the biggest steps that you can take in your life, so it's of utmost importance that you choose your company and REALTOR® well. By choosing the right person for the job, you can make sure that you snag the best house at an affordable price.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Getting to Know Your REALTOR®

Purchasing real estate is a tedious process that requires knowledge and patience. Even experienced home buyers might still find themselves overwhelmed with the constant changes in the industry. These changes are dictated by the rise and fall of the market, as well as revisions to real estate laws. If you are planning to buy a property soon, consider hiring a realtor.

A REALTOR® can connect you with the right seller and help you find you a suitable property at a reasonable cost. This real estate professional normally takes responsibility over all the complex tasks involved in the purchase process, eventually saving you time, effort, and money. A realtor's services may cost you extra, but that’s a small price to pay compared to the long-term security you can enjoy.

In any case, see to it that you only work with a Most states require realtors to obtain licenses before operating within a certain community. A license proves a realtor's competence and compliance with the state's requirements for business operations. You can also check your local Better Business Bureau for any complaint filed against prospective realtors on your list.

Many real estate agents aim to become a REALTOR®, a title they can obtain when they become members of the National Association of REALTORS®. This association is purportedly the largest such professional organization in the world. To become a member of this group, a realtor needs to comply with certain standards of competence.

Prime Real Estate in Calgary: Great Investment Opportunities Await

When it comes to prime real estate in Calgary, buyers can’t afford to commit any gross oversight and must take the time to conduct detailed property inspections. Licensed REALTORS® affiliated with associations like the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) typically advise home buyers to get an expert to help with the inspection. These real estate professionals typically have access to multiple listing services and can recommend a considerable range of quality properties for lease, sale, or rent in keeping with your budget and personal preferences. As for financing realestate in Calgary, homebuyers will benefit more by paying a higher downpayment. In fact, those who do so typically suffer less from rising refinancing costs as winter approaches. In any case, it would be advisable to transact with an accredited REALTOR® who can guide you every step of the way.

Provisions of a Commercial Real Estate Contract

A recent real estate article lauds Calgary as one of four cities in Canada that have fueled the country's booming residential and commercial real estate market for October 2013. The future remains uncertain although it can't be denied that plenty of opportunities for real estate buyers and sellers in the country still exist. In any case, anybody who wishes to buy commercial real estate in Calgary should know about the provisions of a typical real estate contract before signing.

First, buyers must take note of the deposit, which involves making an early payment as principal with the help of a solicitor or broker. The deposit must be refundable to protect the buyer’s interest of the buyer. Title investigation comes next, and this requires the buyer to inspect the property until he or she satisfied with its structural and aesthetic aspects. Forgoing this provision means that the buyer is willing to buy the property as is and frees the seller of any responsibility. On the other hand, the seller is also obliged to provide the buyer with a survey of the property.

Finally, a real estate contract should always list down every item found in the property for sale, especially all of the fixtures (objects that are “part of the land”), and chattels (objects considered “personal property”) found in the property. This step can prevent legal complications in the future (for example, buying a plot of land that contains actually public property) for both the buyer and seller.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Calgary Commercial Real Estate: Things Foreign Investors Must Consider

Calgary commercial real estate for retail use, in particular, is noted to be very lively and competitive compared to most other cities, thanks to an influx of US retailers into the Canadian market in the past couple of years. The growing popularity of e-commerce in the country is also said to be a major contributing factor, even though most Canadians still prefer to obtain products and services through physical outlets. Finding the best locations to set up a retail store, online or otherwise, is one reason why investors would benefit from reliable REALTORS® from trusted associations like the Calgary Real Estate Board or CREB®.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Things You Should Know Before Buying Prime Houses for Sale in Calgary

A little expert advice from an industry authority can lend some perspective, allowing prospective homeowners to weigh their options carefully. Real estate brokers can provide buyers all the information they need on reasonably-priced houses for sale in Calgary to make more informed decisions. Meanwhile, buyers will want to know about everything that can help them own a home for a fair price. Consumers buying a beautiful house for sale in Calgary for the first time should take advantage of things like the First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit and other similar credit products offered on the market. Those who are moving into another home should consider other options, such as assuming the mortgage of other property owner. All these can be arranged by coordinating with a qualified real estate broker.

How the Calgary MLS System Increases Your Chances of Selling Your Home

What these home sellers don't realize is that they don't have to carry the burden of finding a buyer all on their own. They can simply enlist the services of a real estate company, or better yet, a real estate broker with access to the Calgary MLS® system. Not all brokers are required to have access to the MLS® System, but those who do have access to it can enter the home seller’s information and thereby get word out that a particular property is indeed up for sale. These days, home sellers can seek the help of a real estate broker to increase their chances of getting a good offer for their properties. As such, it is crucial to choose brokers who keep up with the latest real estate developments from such sources as the trusted Calgary Real Estate Board or CREB®.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

No-frills Home Buying Explained

The act of buying is a universal concept, and even if the buyer and vendor speak different languages, it doesn't take much to transact a trade or even haggle for a price cut. However, buying a home is an altogether different affair. Due to the way the real estate market works, and the fact that buyers use loans to purchase real estate, buying a house can be really confusing for beginners.

To find your way through the various twists and turns, you might want to tap the services of a certified real estate agent. These professionals can access listings of potential new homes and even update the list with entries yet to enter the market. Additionally, agents can be tasked to help buyers find the right house for the right price, and even preview prospective properties.

Of course, there's only so much agents can do to help buyers, who may have to rely on other professionals for aid. Smart buyers might want to take to the Internet to find listings of their own, or to consult with other real estate experts for advice. Essentially, those who are looking to buy houses don't have to do it on their own when they can get the help of experienced professionals.

How Home Sellers Can Use MLS in Calgary

The Calgary residential real estate market may have been sizzling hot in the past few months, but if you don't know how to sell your product, you won't end up with a sale. There are several ways for you to announce to the world that you are selling your home, starting by placing ads in newspapers and magazines. However, you have to remember that such publications face tough competition from online media, so your ads may not reach as wide an audience as you may hope.

Thus, you may want to consider signing up for a multiple listing service (MLS®) System courtesy of a certified real estate agent. You simply have to pay a monthly fee for your home to be listed. Real estate agents can then readily access this information and help you sell your home for a finder's fee or a commission. Another great thing about an MLS is that you are not associated with a single real estate company or representative, which means that you’ve got better chances of reaching a wider audience.

You will also get access to other properties listed in the MLS® System. This way, you can check out the competition and see where your home currently stands. From there, you can further improve your strategy. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Battle of Alberta: Edmonton vs Calgary

The Canadian province of Alberta boasts two highly urbanized areas in Edmonton and Calgary. Outside these two and other small-to-midsized cities across the province, however, the majority of land in Alberta is sparsely populated. This is a good thing for city dwellers who love the outdoors. The Badlands to the north, the eastern oil sands, and the Canadian Rockies on its western border all tend to serve as great weekend getaways.
For many Canadians, the Battle of Alberta refers to the storied rivalry between the sporting teams of Edmonton and Calgary, both at collegiate and professional levels in hockey, football, and recently in lacrosse. In reality, the rivalry between Edmonton, Alberta's capital city and Calgary, its largest city, goes beyond sports. It can be traced back to the expansion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, where initial plans of passing through Edmonton were scrapped in favor of a route via Calgary in the 1880s.
By the time of Alberta's inception and its admission to the Canadian Confederation in 1905, both cities were already prosperous and vying for the position of provincial capital. At present, Edmonton and Calgary are both thriving cultural and economic centers. They continue to attract natives and foreigners alike, making real estate in either of the two cities a much-sought after investment.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

CHC: Building Communities, One House at a Time

Although it is one of Canada’s major cities, not everyone who lives in Calgary can afford to live in a decent home. In other countries, housing assistance for the elderly, the disabled, and low-income individuals is offered in the form of vouchers; the Calgary Housing Company (CHC), on the other hand, provides actual housing units. These properties are funded and supported by the local government to help out the less privileged.

The CHC operates and manages about 10,000 housing units for rent, which are primarily intended for low-income families. Unlike some residential properties for sale in the city's real estate market, CHC housing units are guaranteed to be built according to high standards and come complete with basic amenities that some houses lack. The CHC strives not only to provide affordable housing but also to create solid and happy communities.

These things are made possible through the city's support services, especially those related to healthcare and home security. The CHC also encourages tenants to be more proactive by participating in community activities like agency resource fairs, community BBQs, clean-up activities, and seminars. Aside from fostering a sense of community, these activities also aim to educate low-income households about parenting, community engagement, social development, and the like – things that any community should have.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Condo Ownership: A Step Towards Independence

Nothing screams financial independence like owning property. For young professionals, this property will likely come in the form of a condo unit. Most condo units are spacious and comfortable for young, single professionals, giving them a place to call their own. With more and more young people looking to purchase their first condo, here are a few tips you must know before buying a condo unit with your hard-earned money:

As with any real estate property, a condo's location is very important. Is the condo you're considering near that mall you like to frequent? How far is it from your office? These are only a few questions you need to ask yourself when considering a unit. In addition to this, visit the neighborhood of the condo building during different times of the day, both on weekdays and weekends, to get a better feel of the neighborhood you might move in to.

Aside from the price of the condo itself, ask your potential neighbors if there are any homeowner's association dues that need to be paid and how much these dues are (if any). This prevents any surprise expenses when you move in.

Lastly, consider the resale value of the condo. Eventually, you may want to move out of this initial purchase. Try to find out the resale value of the condo or how much money would constitute a fair amount of rent.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in commercial real estate can provide long-term rewards. Not only does the market continue to thrive, it also generates high income and returns. If you invest in a commercial property, you can benefit from business or capital gains and long-term leases. Unlimited income is also possible if you have a sound business plan.

Compared to residential real estate, there's less competition when it comes to commercial properties. In fact, being overlooked can be advantageous in the long run, most especially if the property is in a promising location.

The value of commercial properties is also dependent on how the revenue is being generated at its location. Even just a small increase in revenue for your commercial investment can already raise the property's value significantly. Investing in commercial property becomes more advantageous especially if the economy is stable or growing.

Closing commercial real estate deals is also easy and less time-consuming thanks to the wide range of financing options available. Apart from the many programs that cater to finance commercial properties, lenders also consider the potential of the property to increase in value before approving a loan. So this is not just about your finances, it's also about guaranteeing that your investment will indeed succeed.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Coordinating a Move with Accurate Real Estate News

Relocating to any major city such as Calgary is a decision that typically takes into account a certain set of variables. Things such as proximity to schools and even the general state of the environment may influence a home buyer’s decision. Of course, chief among these deciding factors is the actual price of the home in question.

The price of a house can either be a stumbling block or an added incentive for a family looking to relocate, so getting an inaccurate or misleading price estimate can be rather unfortunate on the part of the prospective buyer. To ensure that the property prices being quoted are indeed accurate and competitive in relation to local real estate prices, it may be a good idea to consult local news sources for anything related to real estate developments.

Most daily newspapers and news websites post regular updates on real estate trends, but a more convenient option would be to simply look online for relevant information on the local housing market in a particular area. A trusted online news resource can be easily identified through its roster of reporters, and as long as people keep these things in mind, the major move being planned can take place without any hassles.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Understanding How MLS Works

For some people, there's no better time to relocate to Calgary than now, especially with the city being declared as the fifth best city to live in by the Economic Intelligence Unit last August. However, if you and your partner have decided to take a big leap and settle abroad to pursue your lifelong passion, it's best to enlist the services of a real estate broker to sell your current home. With professional help, your house can be listed in a Multiple Listing Service or MLS® System. 
A MLS® System is a computerized database of all the real estate properties for sale in the Calgary area or in any other areas that buyers are interested in. By enlisting your property on a MLS® System, you can boost your chances of making a sale compared to solely relying on newspaper or magazine advertisements. However, a MLS® System is not free of charge, and similar to placing adverts on publications, costs may vary depending on how long you wish to keep your house listed.

A MLS® System is also beneficial to homebuyers as it contains all the critical information they need to know, including the property value, size, features, and amenities. Buyers can likewise easily have an idea whether or not a certain property fits within their budget. Likewise, buyers can instantly leave out any property that doesn’t meet their budgetary requirements or other preferences.