Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Battle of Alberta: Edmonton vs Calgary

The Canadian province of Alberta boasts two highly urbanized areas in Edmonton and Calgary. Outside these two and other small-to-midsized cities across the province, however, the majority of land in Alberta is sparsely populated. This is a good thing for city dwellers who love the outdoors. The Badlands to the north, the eastern oil sands, and the Canadian Rockies on its western border all tend to serve as great weekend getaways.
For many Canadians, the Battle of Alberta refers to the storied rivalry between the sporting teams of Edmonton and Calgary, both at collegiate and professional levels in hockey, football, and recently in lacrosse. In reality, the rivalry between Edmonton, Alberta's capital city and Calgary, its largest city, goes beyond sports. It can be traced back to the expansion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, where initial plans of passing through Edmonton were scrapped in favor of a route via Calgary in the 1880s.
By the time of Alberta's inception and its admission to the Canadian Confederation in 1905, both cities were already prosperous and vying for the position of provincial capital. At present, Edmonton and Calgary are both thriving cultural and economic centers. They continue to attract natives and foreigners alike, making real estate in either of the two cities a much-sought after investment.

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