Wednesday, 20 November 2013

How Home Sellers Can Use MLS in Calgary

The Calgary residential real estate market may have been sizzling hot in the past few months, but if you don't know how to sell your product, you won't end up with a sale. There are several ways for you to announce to the world that you are selling your home, starting by placing ads in newspapers and magazines. However, you have to remember that such publications face tough competition from online media, so your ads may not reach as wide an audience as you may hope.

Thus, you may want to consider signing up for a multiple listing service (MLS®) System courtesy of a certified real estate agent. You simply have to pay a monthly fee for your home to be listed. Real estate agents can then readily access this information and help you sell your home for a finder's fee or a commission. Another great thing about an MLS is that you are not associated with a single real estate company or representative, which means that you’ve got better chances of reaching a wider audience.

You will also get access to other properties listed in the MLS® System. This way, you can check out the competition and see where your home currently stands. From there, you can further improve your strategy. 

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