Friday, 20 December 2013

Making the Play for New Agricultural Land

Farming is one of Canada’s main economic assets. The wilds of the Canadian Shield and even the Prairies already host fertile tracts of land. If you are looking to invest in the Great White North’s agriculture and farming industry, you will be in luck considering government efforts to lower operating costs. How do you make the first move, even with a business plan in place?
You can start by approaching a reputable real-estate agent who knows the market well and is versed in farming and property laws. They can set you up with a number of viable farm property listings around your chosen area. All that remains is to research on all listings and weed out the one property that fits the thrust of your business. The research can uncover some factors that will affect the business’ long-term goals. For instance, you and your realtor must discover that there are no pending disputes with the property or any development plans already eyed for it, such as a road cutting through the area.
Your Realtor may help you hire a surveyor to analyze the area and further determine its viability. Have the property appraised and negotiate with the seller at the same time, then secure financing from institutions skilled at land purchases.

Investing in a new farm can be a way to a quieter life. Learning which properties are right for you is a step in the right direction.

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