Friday, 20 December 2013

Why a Town Home in Calgary Is a Good Idea

According to recent research by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary is among the list of five best cities in the world to live in, defeated only by Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver, and Toronto. This is why, if you have any plans of relocating soon and are seeking better job opportunities, Calgary is one of the options you can consider. After you've made your decision, the next thing to work out is to look into Calgary real estate properties and choose your place of residence; would you prefer to live in a town home or a condominium?

Town home living offers advantages that you won't experience in condominium living. For one, living in a town house will give you access to a small yard. Having one of those is definitely something you would welcome if you love to indulge in a little gardening, and the yard is of manageable size that makes it easy for you to do your own maintenance work and upkeep.

Another benefit of town home living is amenities like pools, fitness centers, sports facilities, entertainment areas, party areas, and more. While some condominiums do offer some of these amenities, the fact that only a few people are allowed to occupy an area of town houses means that you will have much easier access to these facilities and won't have to compete with a lot of other residents. Of course, to enjoy such amenities, the town house owner will charge you with homeowner association fees.

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