Friday, 27 December 2013

Home Inspection: Confirm and Compare

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there's no telling them whether those words are good or bad. You should never believe in anything you see until you've seen it firsthand.

It's for this reason that home inspection remains a crucial stage in the real estate process, not just in Alberta where homes sell like flapjacks. The inspection team often consists of at least two people: the buyer and a home inspector. Why is it often done this way? The buyer may fall in love with the couch, but the inspector may see bedbugs lying in wait.

In other words, the home inspector looks where the buyer rarely goes: wall cavities, plumbing, roofing systems, and the like. The intelligent buyer makes sure the house lives up to its description posted on the online listing. Nobody can perform this job better than a home inspector with years of experience under his belt.

You also have to remember that most pictures on real estate listings are taken with a digital camera. With some Photoshop skills, any picture of a living room can appear attractive enough for buyers to consider the real estate. Hold any plans of buying until your eyes confirm that the picture speaks the truth.

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