Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Brief Look on Commercial Real Estate in Calgary

Of all the provinces in Canada, Alberta seems to be highly-prized by most real estate investors, either domestic or foreign. One of its cities, Calgary, is even expected by some real estate experts to have an increase in sales for commercial real estate in 2014;
from 3.3 percent last year to 3.4 percent.

Values for commercial real estate in Calgary remain strong as the urban economy maintains its steady advance over the last ten years. Investors continue to establish head offices in the city given its diverse workforce that prizes risk-taking and enterprise. 
Calgary commercial real estate listings for various industries also continue to be sought even as property values increase.

For as long as the city sustains its highly integrated transportation and communications systems, Calgary will remain inviting to investors, as well as most Canadians seeking employment and social opportunities.

The boom in commercial real estate and high business start-up rate, however, should give city officials a pause. The tax gap between Calgary proper and the Calgary region can get too wide, and if not reasonably supported, businesses just might take off for more feasible places. Public officials can stand to improve in this area, fairly responding to issues around equitable property and business taxes.

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