Friday, 28 February 2014

Useful Tips in Looking for Houses for Sale in Calgary

Thanks to a variety of factors like population growth and continuous foreign investments, Calgary, Alberta is now one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, similar to Vancouver in British Columbia. In 2013, Calgary ranked 1st in MoneySense’s Best Places to Raise Kids in Canada. Those who wish to move here would probably have a hard time choosing for the perfect home for their family, but only because there are just so many viable options. The city, after all, is able to cater to various lifestyles, income brackets and needs.
Southwest Calgary has Bankview, Mount Royal, and Killarney as its prime neighborhoods which boast trendy restaurants and bars, as well as a decent public transportation system. The Southwest is also regarded to have some of the best houses for sale in Calgary, although this also means that residential and rental properties are quite expensive. Northeast Calgary generally doesn’t have this problem, but that is because neighborhoods like Bridgeland primarily cater to working class families.
The neighborhoods of Northwest Calgary, like Kensington and West Hillhurst, are well-known for their arts and crafts shops, cafes, and bistros. These things make Northwest Calgary highly recommendable for artsy and fun-loving individuals. In contrast, Southeast Calgary is mainly commercial and industry-based, although newer suburbs like McKenzie Lake are still cropping out in this region, expectedly due to Alberta’s consistent economic growth.

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